Audio Controlling



Lecturer - Saman Kariyawasam



He is a product of the national youth council. He has gathered knowledge from other sources too. After learning the visual aspects well, he has mastered the audio aspects too. He has twenty years experience in audio visual medium, and a lot of experience in Rupavahini channel. He is he main technical resources person at the faculty of mass communication of the Colombo University.







Audio Controlling


1. Value of sound for audio visual medium

2. Introduction of sound

3. Understanding sound

4. Different types of microphones

  • Polar patterns
  • Use of microphone

5. Management of sound

6. Introducing audio maker

7. Identifying taped & live programs


8. Introducing add-ons

  • Cable Connectors
  • Wireless Transmission
  • Wind Shield
  • Filter
  • Shock Mount


9. Microphone for different programs

  • ENG
  • EFP
  • Studio


10. Introducing editing of computer sounds

  • Software