Editing Techniques



Lecturers - Hindol Humayun Wijeratna and Stanley Hettiarachchi



He is very talented in editing and T.V animations. He has been working as an editor in a number of media institutions and, had been assisting in production and technical divisions. He works at the media department at Dialog T.V.




He started work in the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation. He is now a founder member of Rupavahini and ITN. He was the editor of the single episode teledrama “Ebeddiya” and was the lighting director in “Lahiru” teledrama.
He was the technical and visual mixer in the SAAF games held in Sri Lanka. He was the visual mixer in Asian rugby matches, 13 one day cricket matches and a test cricket match.
He has written books on lighting for colour T.V, The Grammer in lighting, Finding methods in Editing and Migration in Digital Television.
He was the planning engineer for full HD multi camera video studio. He is an external lecture of media in Universities. He is the director of media in Sri Lanka vocational technical University.






Editing Techniques


1. Identify editing in simple terms.
2. Factors involved in editing.
3. Different stages in editing.
4. How and where to edit.
5. Dialog editing.


Types and ways of editing :

  • The Cut
  • The Dissolve
  • The Wipe
  • The Fade
  • The Action Edit
  • The Screen Position Edit
  • The Form Edit
  • The Concept Edit
  • The Combined Edit
  • Montage
  • Multi-camera Editing


Computer editing :

      • Digital Workflow
      • Tools vs. Skills
      • Effects
      • Keying
      • Titling
      • Compositing etc.


  • What is HD/Full HD/Frame Size.
  • Identifying editing setup – CPU/Ram/Storage/Monitors/Custom Keyboard & Controllers.
  • Digital Video Cables & Connectors.
  • Editing Software.
  • What are after effects & its usage.