Responsibility of a Journalist



Lecturer - Jackson Anthony



A lot of people specialize in one thing. This lecture has a wide range of talents. Hebegan his career on stage. His acting talents in the Tele drama “Palingu Menike” was the turning point of his journey. He is even a talented story writer, song writer and a script writer. After “Asela Kaluwara” he wrote the script and direction of the film “Julietge Bhumikawa” and the most popular hit “Abha” He was an administrator of a media institution, researcher and a commentator.





Responsibilities of a Journalist (Participating, observing, learning)

  • Who is a media man?
  • Who is the Lankan media man?
  • History of electronic media in Sri Lanka.
  • The gap between world media man and the local media man.
  • The impact of Audio Visual media.
  • Releasing audio visual concepts to the media.
  • Sri Lankan roots in audio visual media.
  • The art of converting audio in to a visual.
  • Is music audio or visual
  • The difference between a documentary and a creation.
  • To identify the creative documentary and the creation, which is a documentary.
  • Are popular media and quality media opposite concepts?
  • Creative communication to popularize quality concepts.
  • What is the responsibility of the Lankan media man tomorrow?