TV Commercial Production



Lecturer - Saminda Ranawaka



He entered the media field in the year 1997 as an editor and an animator. He is a diploma holder in digital cinema at the SAE institution in the United States. He is a graduate in cinematography at the University of Middlesex. He gave a commercial and international touch to the commercial advertisements of Sri Lanka.  He directed a lot of popular advertisements for products such as, Anchor, Panadol, Coca Cola, HSBC, Sunlight, Etiselat, Lanka Bell, Asian Alliance, Fems and Sunquick. He directed many other popular advertisements. He is an external lecturer at the Colombo University and the Chief Executive of Flames the production house.






TV Commercial Production


[A] Introduction of TV advertisements as an industry

         [I] From the Ad agency till the final viewer.
        [II]Pre production, production & post production.
       [III] The relationship with the advertising agency.
       [IV] Relationship with other producing departments.
        [V] Transmission time & distribution.


[B] Commercial advertisements should be special & identical medium

         [I] Identifying concepts and aims, analyzing the script, explaining and
             Beautifying the concepts.
        [II] Develop production value, production and the budget, creative


[C] TV commercial advertisements as an extension of cinema

         [I] Management of frames, background, depth, lighting, movements, acting,
             clothes, and equipment for acting.
        [II] Time management, continuity, editing.
       [III] Special users, graphics, 3D animation.
       [IV] Management of sound for TV commercial advertisements.